Mental Health Targeted Case Management

Description of  Services:


The goal of Case Management is to optimize the functioning of individuals with a mental health diagnoses and maximize their independence. We will assist out clients by linking, advocating, coordinating, and monitoring services that will benefit their mental health. Navigating life with a mental illness can be difficult, so our TCMs work diligently to assist in individuals in obtaining the support they need. 

How We Help:

  • Linkage to Psychosocial Rehabilitation

  • Linkage to Continuing Education (i.e. GED services) 

  • Advocacy With Housing Assistance (i.e. Section 8, Public Housing, Subsidized Housing, etc.)

  • Advocacy with Medicaid Renewal

  • Advocacy Within the Court Room

  • Advocacy Within the Juvenile Justice System

  • Linkage to Medical Service Providers (i.e. Neurologists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, etc.) 

  • Linkage to Food, Clothing, and Transportation

  • Referral to Vocational Resources to obtain employment

  • Referral in Home Therapeutic Services

  • Advocacy In The Classroom and educational facilities (i.e. public schools, charter schools, IEP assistance etc)

  • Linkage to Disability Resources 

  • Linkage to therapy and mental health assessment

  • Adult Support Services

What Makes Us Different?

  • 24 hour response to client. As we understand that some needs are time sensitive, this ensures clients receive quality care quickly. Client will be contacted within 24 hours of insurance approval

  • No waiting list. When a referral is received a TCM will be assigned immediately upon insurance approval.

  • Ethical Practices. At Akeso, our Case Managers are closely monitored by qualified supervisors to ensure the highest quality of care.

  • Referral Follow up. We follow up with referral sources within 24 hours. 


 Akeso Behavioral Health Services offers in home mental health Targeted Case Management. To ensure that language is not a barrier, we offer Case Management services in: 

  • English

  • Spanish

  • Creole

  • French

Akeso Behavioral Health Services offers Case management Services in:

  • Orange County 

  • Seminole County 

  • Osceola County

We provide services starting at age 3 to adults.​